LocalFood.bg Foundation is an incubator for small startup food business initiatives. It develops a national network of micro-enterprises and provides expert assistance for their effective market access and long-term successful development, in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

The foundation is а heir of Sustainable Society Association (founded 2012 – closed 2016), which ran the first farmers’ markets in major cities in the country. Now it brought together a team of experts dedicated to the development of local food market in recent years. In addition to training and mentoring, the team also has a mission to make a lasting impact on small and local food business policies.

Some activities of the organization are supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.




PENDARA is a long-term project, which aims to support launch stage of small startup food business initiatives, to explore the potential of the involuntary gray sector and to contribute to reforms in favor of homemade and local food market.

Мain activities

  • Pendara Academy – an annual training program for complete launching of small local food startups.
  • Business trainings – individual and small group courses for transferring business knowledge and experience from local food masters to startups.
  • Training and gastro tours – organized visits to small farms and local food producers to share knowledge and experience.
  • Service program – a suite of services designed specifically for local food startups. It includes free questions-answers service and paid business testing, business training, registration of new small production facilities, monthly internal control subscription.

Our main website, rich in examples of operating micro business, resources, guides,



dipl. eng. Gergana Kabaivanova

Founder and Managing Director

Gergana Kabaivanova is an initiator of the first farmers markets in the big cities of the country. She is a leading expert in the marketing of restaurants and sales projects, focused on reviving Bulgarian taste and culinary traditions.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Vegetable Oil Technology and she has many years of experience as a Marketing Manager for several cosmetic companies and a shopping center.


Dr. Iliyan Kostov

Mentor of Pendara Training Program

Leading expert on food safety and veterinary affairs. Deputy Director of Food Chain Risk Assessment Center, а part of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

depl. eng. Valeri Savov

Expert of Pendara Training Program

He was Director of the Retail Trade Department, Food Control Directorate at the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. Currently he is a food safety controlling expert in a large supermarket chain.

Dr. Anna Philipova

Expert of Pendara Training Program

She has been an inspector at the State Veterinary and Sanitary Control and she has many years of experience as a HACCP systems manager.

dipl. eng. Georgi Stoychev

Expert of Pendara Training Program

Technological consultant and auditor of food safety management systems.


Ekaterina Terzieva

PR manager


Anna Tashkova